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#021 - Artwork Section/Discord Reworked

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

We're back with yet another update! I've been a bit quiet lately working on a number of projects but I'm finally happy to officially announce them!


Having had more time to explore other Discord servers in the community, I gathered some interesting ideas and realized it was time to update my own server.

  • New Layout- To better help with organization, categories now have hyphens to help separate them from normal chat channels.

  • New Roles - Roles for Patreon Supporters and Moderators have been added.

  • New Groups and Channels Updated/Added - The server now contains 6 different groups.

Information - Welcome / Notifications / Zen Gallery
Mischief Chat - General / Introductions / Therapy Animals/ Furry/ Games / Tech Hub
Community Creations - Community Gallery / Creative Corner / Self Promotion
Mischievous NSFW - Mischievous / Padded Room
Moderator's Lounge - Moderator Chat / Meeting Room
Patreon's Corner - Patreon Chat / Announcements


  • Live Chat Added - A Live Chat feature has been added to allow people to more easily contact me should they have questions or comments. Instead of using the previous Contact form that was only found on the Commissions page, the Live Chat is available on all pages.

Artwork Section

  • Gallery thumbnails added - To make it easier to navigate the multiple galleries, gallery thumbnails have been added to all of the pages. When selecting a specific gallery, the thumbnail will expand to indicate which gallery you're viewing. When clicked again, you'll return to the main Artwork page.

  • Artwork gallery layout updated - The artwork gallery has now been changed to include titles with each thumbnail and is limited to 30 images

Commission Page

Ultimately, the old commission page was very inefficient and hard to navigate. It was also extremely time consuming to manage as almost every aspect of it had to be taken care of manually. So with that said...

  • Elements Removed - Price Sheet, Commission Queue, Commission Form, Option Details, and Contact elements have been removed.

  • Commission Store Added - The new commission store makes it easier to not only purchase commissions from me but also to view availble options and examples for each commission type. Select the commission type you're interested in to see 4 examples and a brief description of the commission type as well as the amount of slots open and options available.

I spent a lot of time working on setting up the new store and I'm proud of how it's turned out!. It allows for all of the commission information to be easily read and accessible as well as simplifying the process of buying a commission. As an added bonus, a lot of the processes now automated which means I can focus more on simply completing a commission and less on filing out forms.

Before I wrap this up, I wanted to give a special thanks to all my Patreon supporters. Because of your support, I am able to afford the necessary funds for implementing these new changes.


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