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#27 - Website and Patreon Updates

It's been a while since the last update but there's been quite a few changes this time around. Due to downsizing my website's premium plan, a few features such as video and chat support have been dropped. In addition to these changes, I've also made a few changes to my commissions.


  • Mobile Homepage Improved - The mobile site's homepage was improved to have better navigation and the latest updates availble..

  • Website Chat Removed - I downgraded the website's plan to be more affordable and the new plan simply does not support the chat feature.

  • Website Footer now has a Patreon/Supporter Recognition - To say thank you to those supporting me on Patreon or Kofi, I added a link at the footer of my site that brings up a list of supporters.

  • Changes Regarding Commission Queuing - I've decided to make a number of changes to my commissions including price changes, additional commission slots, and move from a first come first serve basis to a selective one.

    • Commission Price Changes - Since I will be opening more commission slots, Commission prices have adjusted.

    • New Patreon Exclusive Commission Slot - I've added a new commission slot for Pepperjack and Munster tier supporters on Patreon.

    • Selective Commission Queue - Before, I took commissions on a first come, first serve basis. This meant I had a very small amount of commission slots availble which was stressful for both commissioners and myself. Now, I'll open up a larger amount of commission slots and actively select from the queue. This way, more people get a chance at a commission slot and the queue doesn't get closed or jammed up too quickly.

  • Cinema Section Removed - I downgraded the website's plan to be more affordable and the new plan doesn't have much in the way of video support. While I enjoyed having my own videos hosted on my website, it was never integral to my work.

  • Nexus Section Reworked to Stories - Since comics are becoming more integral to my work, I've updated the Nexus section to be focused more towards comics and stories.

  • Possessed Added to Stories - The latest 18+ AB/DL comic I've been working on is now availble in the Stories section!


  • Tier Graphics Updated - The latest update to Patreon's layout changed the size of the tier graphics so they've been updated to look nice.

  • Mozzarella Tier Updated - Tier Perks have been updated to include receiving a special thanks on my website.

  • Pepperjack Tier Updated - Tier Perks have been updated to include the Patreon Commission Slot.

  • Welcome Note Added - A small welcome note thanking you for your support has been added!


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