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Hello, I go by Zen Fetcher! I'm a furry artist who has been creating illustrations and media in the fandom for over a decade. 

I chose to pursue a career as a multimedia artist because it's all that's ever been on my mind. Ever since I was a child, I've been obsessed with media. When I wasn't watching cartoons, listening to music, or playing a game, I was drawing, playing instruments, and daydreaming about the various characters and worlds in my imagination. I was so enthralled by these 'childish obsessions' that I tried to hide them out of embarrassment. However, after I discovered and got involved in the Furry fandom, I became inspired to improve and share my work.

Since my decision to be a freelance artist, I've had such amazing opportunities to entertain and give back to the community I care for. I've been able to help others bring their fantasies to life through illustrations, entertain audiences with my own, and pass on the message of self-acceptance and expression the fandom inspired in me. 

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