Innovating the Future of Cartoon Business

From the beginning, our mission at Luthor Industries has been to bridge the gap between the world of business and the world of cartoons. We strongly believe that like any industry, cartoons deserve to be treated respectfully with dignity and the same level of professionalism seen in other top industries. We strive to not only provide cartoons with top quality tools, products, and professional services, but also to set new standards in the cartoon industry to insure a better and brighter future for cartoons.


Luthor's Story

After graduating from the University of Metropolis with a Masters in Comedic Arts, Alexander Luthor was eager to begin his career in the cartoon industry. After many painstaking interviews of being laughed at and assaulted with various pranks and gags, Alexander was hired to play the lead role in the critically acclaimed children's show, Alfredo. What should have been a dream come true was a harsh awakening to the cartoon industry for Alexander.

Regularly, Alexander was humiliated behind scenes, given faulty products that would fail, and pressured into using 'Ink'; a common performance enhancing drug for cartoons. After leaving his role as Alfredo and the cartoon industry, it seemed like a sad ending to his story but in reality, it was the beginning of wonderful, new chapter.

Motivated by his experiences, Alexander set out to change the cartoon industry and opened his first store for high quality cartoon products, Luthor Industries. As word spread of his store, his business took off and grew from a one location store in Metropolis, to an international brand and leading competitor in the cartoon industry.

With the massive growth of Luthor Industries, our founding goals and principles have only grown with us and remain at the core of our business.

Alaxander Luthor

57719 Benedict Street

Toontropolis, CA 90028



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