#018 - Members Section Reworked

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Hello! Sorry for being so quiet lately. It's been quite eventful but I've been trying to get back on track with things! After fixing a small error I was made aware of, I realized there were a few aspects of the site that were in need of attention.

Home Page Updated

  • Latest Picture Gallery Added - The front page now has a gallery showing the latest works I've done! This was done primarily to show when new art was being added.

  • Intro text added! [Updated 8/7/2019]

Art Gallery Updated

  • Featured Gallery removed - With the addition of the Latest Pictures gallery on the main page, this gallery isn't necessary.

  • All galleries have been updated - New images have been added as well as being reordered chronologically.

Music Page Updated

  • Latest Track Added - A simple music player has been added to the Music page to showcase which tracks have been added recently.

Members Section Revamped

  • Raffles and Specials benefits removed - While it was a nice idea, these features simply were not used much at all and ended up complicating things more than expected. Never fear though as these features have been replaced!

  • Art Archive in progress - While it's not ready yet, this new Membership bonus gives members access to download a Zip file containing my older works! I also love the idea of adding commentary to go along with it!

  • Discord Server - That's right, the Discord server now Members only! Don't worry though, if you got in before this change, you won't get kicked out.

General Changes

  • Blue Tone Shift - While it's a small and subtle change, the site's color palette was altered to be more appealing.

  • Sign up form has updated to require members to be of 18 years or older.

That about does it for all the changes I made this time. There is another change I hope to make and that is to open up my personal blog here! I hope it could be a way to keep in contact with people and keep them more updated on how things are going. Anywho, thanks for your support! I hope you enjoy the changes!


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