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#016 - Streamline Edits

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Sorry for going quiet here! Been quite busy so I haven't had as much time as I'd have liked to work on improving my site but I've gotten around to a few edits to improve both loading times as well a few other quality of life things.

Directory / Info Hud Removed

While it was a good idea, in practice, having the pop up information panel simply increased the amount of time it took for one to get information. Due to that and it's location, it wasn't really as useful as I had hoped.

  • Directory links moved to footer - All the links that were displayed in the Directory can now be found at the bottom of every page, making each link more accessible.

  • Commission status moved to front page - Instead of having click on the Directory or browse to the commission page, you can now see my commission status on the front page.

  • Stream status removed - Seeing as I post to my Twitter when streams are available and my Twitter feed is located on my front page, this became a redundant feature.

Luthor Industries Moved!

LI is now on it's own site! This is to help free up memory and better improve loading times here.

Artwork Updates

  • Gallery page updated - New art has been added to the Showcase and Mischievous galleries.

  • Special commission form has been removed - With the special commission being over, the form was removed.

  • Contact form has been added - In case you have questions or comments, a contact form has now been added to the commissions page.


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