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#25 - Minor Changes

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Hello! We're back with a few changes and while none are particularly drastic, figured I might as well keep you informed on what all has changed!

  • Artwork Category Tabs updated - Updated the category tabs in the Art Section by changing the Art / Commissions to just Commissions for simplicity. Also updated the Mischievous tab artwork.

  • Music Section Removed - Until further notice, the music section has been removed. I was never satisfied with

  • Stream Commission option removed - As I'm moving away from streaming live content, this option is no longer relevant.

  • Character Refs Updated - Updated my character References on the Nexus section.

  • Archive Layout Updated - While there's no major changes to the Archive, images can now be previewed on Dropbox with a zip file containing all the artwork in that section.


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