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#023 - The 2020 Update

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Hello guys! After getting back home from the holidays I've been working hard to bring some much needed updates to just about everything! So, here's a post to let you know what all has changed!


Zen Nexus:


  • Social Icons Relocated and Updated - This was a small quality of life change but I find it looks and functions much better than having them in the banner.

  • Intro Text Updated - Since certain aspects of the site have updated, I needed to mention those!

Mobile Site - [Edit 1/10/2020]

  • Quick Action Bar Added - Now you can quickly access my Email, Patreon, Twitter, Telegram (art channel), and Chat from any page using the menu located in the bottom, right hand corner.

  • Back to Top Added - When scrolling down, a new button will appear next to the Quick Action button to take you back to the top of the page.

  • General Improvements - With changes being made on the desktop site's layout, the mobile site was updated.


  • Commission Page Updated - The art store's layout has been updated to have larger previews, making it easier to view and navigate.

  • New Commission Type - Stream Slots have been added to the Store!

  • Terms of Service Updated - While the rules haven't changed, they have been further clarified.

  • Added Commission Guide - This guide helps explain how to go about commissioning me and what happens.

  • Added Drawing Preferences - To help you better decide what to commission me for, I made a list of things I prefer to draw and things I won't.

Fur Affinity:

  • Padmouse Account Closed - I decided to finally close down my Padmouse account. TL;DR, I don't want to separate my audience and the account has been inactive for a year.

  • Updated Profile Information - Updated my profile information to be more relevant

  • 12 Hours Comments - I decided that if you comment on a submission on FA, I will try to respond to it if it was with in 12 hours of the submissions initial post.

  • Updated Feature Journal - The featured journal has been updated to include updated links.

  • Updated Gallery Folders - To make browsing my gallery easier, submissions have been sorted via character, projects, and keywords.

  • Removed Music/Second Life Photos from FA - This was a tough decision but ultimately, I decided to remove my music and Second Life photos. I plan on migrating my music to my website instead.


  • New Tier Added - The Munster tier has been added! This tier has a limit of 5 patrons and offers inclusion in a monthly, themed group illustration, priority on commissions, and access to private streams and Patreon polls!

  • Updated Goals - I wanted to include my goals to acquire a printer and laminator so I can start making con badges.


  • Voice Chat Added - The Mischief group now has a group voice chat!

  • Channels Updated - Games chat was removed do to lack of activity. Community Creations was merged into Mischief Chat. Now the Community-Gallery, Creative-Corner, and Self-Promotion chat is part of Mischief general chat.

  • Moderator Bot Added - MEE6 has been added to the server to help moderate! Additionally, it added a Levels game. Type !rank to see your rank or !levels to see the group leader board!


  • New Streaming Schedule - I now stream Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 5pst. These time are listed above the chat.

  • Profile Information Updated - The rules have been updated to be more clear and a section has been added to explain stream commissions.

  • Stream Commissions - Stream commissions are now available! Simply follow the instructions listed or head to my site to purchase a slot when available.


  • Postybirb - I'm now using Postybirb to handle uploading my art! This means stream announcements will return to FA!

  • New Youtube Channel - I'm now uploading videos of speedpaints and more to my new Youtube channel, Zen Nexus! Feel free to check it out and subscribe if you're interested!

  • New Business Paypal - I've aquired a new Paypal to handle commission transactions. This means I can also accept payments in person now!

So as you can see, there's been a lot of changes I've been working on! I do hope to hear what you think! Until then, take care of yourselves and as always, thank you for your support. <3


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