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#020 - Minor Updates

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

No major updates this time but enough changes to make mention of. Wanting to give perks to my Patreon, all my sketches (aside from ones located in the archive and on Discord) will be found there!

Artwork Section Updated

  • All galleries updated - (2 pictures added to Colored Illustrations / 1 picture added to Collection / 1 picture added to Mischievous)

  • Commission Info updated - Slight price increase. (Price range changed from $15-$50 to $15 - $60)

  • Sketch section removed - As I want to draw attention to my Patreon and better reward those that do support me there, I decided it'd be best to offer my sketches as a more Patreon exclusive bonus.


  • Thomas character sheet added - Luthor's older brother Thomas now has a reference sheet in the Nexus!

[Update: 9/19/2019]


  • Images from update posts removed - This was done to ensure the actual amount of space the site updates takes up is consistent. Ultimately, it's easier on the eyes.


  • Personal Section added - That's right! I decided to start up my personal blog on the site.


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