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#012 - Front Page/Art Page Rework

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

I got more plans for the rest of the site but for the moment, the front page and art page have been updated and improved!

Homepage Streamlined

  • Welcome text removed - While welcoming, it was a bit pointless and cluttered up the screen.

  • Luthor Industries Ad... added!

Artwork page reworked

  • Artwork slide panel removed - While it was nice, all the information on the slides was easily streamlined into one text box.

  • Commission status and Collection galleries updated to be more visible

  • Showcase Gallery Updated

  • Gallery moved to Artwork page - You can new view all artwork on the main artwork page as well as collapse the individual tabs.

  • Mischievous Gallery Added - This gallery is for mature content. It is currently restricted to members only and requires one to be 18 years or older to view.


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