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#009 - Discord Changes

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

A new year, a new look! The Discord has been reorganized a little and trimmed down to be more streamlined.

Discord Changes

- Watcher status removed

Upon joining all users should be able to talk with out needing any approval.

- Rythm Bot and Mischief Radio have been removed

While it was a neat thought, ultimately the radio was not a very used feature.

- The Art Jam chat is now the Creative Corner

Instead of being focused on artwork specifically, the Creative Corner is more for discussion of stories, characters, and other projects. Events like raffles or group trades will also be mentioned here.

- Tech Hub added

Since many in the group of fairly tech savvy, the Tech Hub was added to give a place to talk all about code, the latest technology, and more!

- Padded room and Mischievous chat moved

The Padded Room and Mischievous chats have been moved in line with the others.


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