#007 - Discord Server is Live

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

[Edit: 8/6/2019]

The Mischief is a small Discord server that I decided to create for those that frequent my streams, like my art, or are friends looking for a place to hang out. Here's what I hope to offer you if you're interested in joining...

>>> The Discord server is now only available to Members <<<


- Notifications: Here's where you'll find updates in regards to my art including stream announcements, commission openings, and updates with various projects that I work on. This is also where I'll be announcing my private streams!

- Art Gallery: This gallery features my own art and artwork that was made by or commissioned by members of the community.

-Mischief Chat: You will have access to the various community chats to interact with others in the community. This includes the General group chat, a Creative Corner for discussing ideas and projects, and a Tech Hub for all things technology related.

If you are of age and interested, you can also request to have access to the NSFW Mischievous chat and the AB/DL themed Padded Room.


Over there years I've received so much support from you and I can't express how appreciative I am of that; this is why I decided to go through with this Discord server. I want to try to give back by supporting your content, interests, or just providing a place to relax. Thanks for all your support!


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