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#002 - Update!

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

When browsing the website, I realized the interface could use a few improvements to bring viewers a more streamlined experience. While I've been getting into the swing of drawing and producing more content lately, I want to make sure I don't neglect the site as I have in the past.

Website Changes

- Home page layout has been updated

The homepage felt a little too busy so I trimmed down a lot of the redundant or unneeded text. This also freed up a lot of space on the mobile version of the site.

- Nexus Page disabled

As I'm working on changes to various parts of the Nexus, I've taken it down temporarily.

- Art Page layout updated

The showcase gallery has been reduced to only 15 images with the intention of adding it a full gallery later on.

New Art

In preparation for the new gallery, I've gone ahead and uploaded a few new pictures I've done! You can see them in the showcase gallery here.

  • Larger than life - It's always been Lil' Munster's dream to be a huge star with his name in lights; this was not what he had in mind. Turns out Kaiju Energy Drink is made with actual kaiju energy!

  • Ready for bed - Sometimes Chestnut has a hard time winding down for the evening and he always appreciates a helping hand.

  • PuzzleBunny - Looks like PuzzleBunny discovered what the 'lite' stood for in Jac's Lite.

New Music

  • The Cheese Slayer - Now available to listen to here.


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