#001 - Blog Added

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Hello and thanks for visiting my site!

While progress has been a bit slow, the website has come quite some ways since it's first drafts. There's been a lot under construction and I wanted keep those interested informed on what was happening behind scenes, so I added this blog. Here, you'll be informed on the various changes to the site, commissions, streams, and more.

As this is the first post on the status of the website, I figure it'd be best to give a quick rundown on what is available on the site.

  • The Artwork section is where you'll find information on my artwork, both an on-site and off-site gallery, and where I stream my artwork. You'll also find my commission information, including my ToS and commission forms when open.

  • The Music section is where you'll find a Soundcloud playlist containing music I've made as well as information behind what makes the music.

  • The Nexus is where I post everything regarding my characters, stories, and roleplay plots. While the section is still under a lot of work, information on Affinity, a medieval/fantasy themed world, is available for viewing.

Moving forward, my goal is to complete more of the Nexus, starting with the individual character bios and ending with the other plots. Down the line, I hope to include actual stories on those pages, not just background information.

To wrap this up, I just want to say thank you. I can't say how much I appreciate the support I've gotten from people over the years, whether it was for my art, music, or crazy ideas. I hope to continue to share things with you and that by the next post, there'll be something new for you to enjoy.


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