The World's First Phone Designed for Toons

Luthor Industries is proud to usher in a new line of technology specifically designed for cartoons. Built by a special team of experts, the Toonphone contains everything a well-seasoned Toon needs in the field.

• Quality Service 24/7
• Impressive Durability up to 10 Anvils
• Seltzer Water Protection IP68
• Specialized HD Camera with Industry Standard (24 Frames/Second on 1s or 2s)
• Exclusive Luthor Industries Benefits 
• and more!

With a near unlimited amount of customization, this smartphone is more than just handy prop; it's a new member in your cast!


Toon Phone

The Toonphone is more than just a phone, it's also the key to many of Luthor Industries quality services!

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Air Pump.jpg

LI Air Pump

A classic foot pump that can output more PSI than your body has room for, guaranteed! 



Toon Gloves

Durable "one size fits all" gloves that aren't only stylish but are versatile as well! 



Banana Peel

Engineered to be more slippery than standard banana peels, these non-perishable banana peels are perfect for a quick escape or laugh. 



LI Anvil

No one actually uses these things for what they were intended. They're much better when dropped! 



Heavy Mallet

A classic prop, the LI Mallet is not only more durable than ACME's mallet but also 25% larger!

See different sizing options.


Joy Buzzer.jpg

Joy Buzzer

Compatible with the Toonphone, this Joy Buzzer is unlike any before with more customization than ever before.



LI Glue

This quick-setting strong glue is safe for most fabrics, furs, and surfaces.

Comes with LI Glue Remover Solvent..



LI "Padding"

We believe in providing toons with quality products for everything they could ever ask for and the needs they might be too shy to ask about.



LI Magnet

If you're looking for a super powerful magnet, you've come to the right place! This magnet can hold over 800lb!

*AAA batteries not included



Seltzer Water

Made just like in the cartoons with 40% more water.


Portable HOle.jpg

Portable Hole

This portable hole never fails to let you down! Quickly drop any prop or person into this hole to teleport them outside of the current scene.


Invisible Ink.jpg

Cartoon Ink

Feeling like your color's fading? Need to reinforce your outline? LI brand Cartoon Ink gives you that new cartoon finish! 


Boxing Glove.jpg

Spring Glove

Got a weak left hook? Why work out and ruin those perfectly noodle-like arms when you can just use a comically effective, spring-loaded boxing glove!



LI Briefcase

Using the same technology as the Portable Hole, this briefcase can hold just about anything you could need!


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