Why I've Been Quiet

Updated: Sep 26

It's been a very long time since my last update so I wanted to take some time to let you know why I've been absent and/or inactive. I do want to apologize for not doing so sooner but there were things I either didn't know how to talk about or things I felt I couldn't talk about at the time. There's a bit of catching up to do so I'll try to add a TL:DR for each topic in case you want a shorter read.


Settling In

TL:DR - I was supporting my boyfriend in buying a house as well as enduring less than ideal living conditions so I struggled dedicate time to my content. Move is almost finished, just waiting on belongings to arrive.

One of the biggest hurdles that's kept me from being as active as before is that I was supporting my boyfriend in buying a house. It was incredibly stressful and required a good majority of energy and focus, so things like art got placed on hold. There was a lot of uncertainty with where we'd be, when we'd move, or even if it would work out so I didn't want to talk about it until we closed. While the majority of everything is behind us, there's still a fair amount of work that needs to be sorted out and our belongings haven't arrived yet so it will still be some time before I'm able to get back to work on things. That said, man am I eager to get back to work!

The house has opened up a number of opportunities that I didn't have before and its important to me that I'm able to take any of the opportunities when they arise. In my current state, I don't feel that's possible. I'd love to have pet ferrets and visit friends local to the area, but that requires me to be more financially independent as I'd need a car to get around, buy food, bedding and toys for my ferrets, on top off making sure I'm taking care of myself. This is why I want to push myself more with my artwork. On its own it probably won't give me the independence I want, but I believe it's a good start. I also feel this house is far more conducive to being successful with my art unlike the apartment complex we moved from.

Having been in the house a few days, I've come to realize just how stifling the apartment complex we lived in was. They were older, overpriced apartments where your quality of life would degrade in one way or another every 6 months largely due to how poorly the apartment complex was managed. Everything about the apartment was inconvenient. Getting in and out of the complex was a pain, getting the handyman to fix anything was a monumental task, constant noise from the neighbor's dog trying to break out the window on the left, loud movies from the neighbor on the right, screaming kids on the playground attached to the building, reoccurring roach infestations, people blasting loud music, thefts, the list goes on.

Made me wonder how much more productive I could have been with my art if I wasn't putting up with all that... Well, I intend to find out!


Moving Forward

TL:DR - I want to focus on offering more to commissioners, including monthly commission queues, YCHs, and other options. I also wish to create a character-centric comic/story.

Once everything with the move has settled, my goal is to focus my attention back on my artwork/content with the intention of making it more financially successful. Ultimately, my biggest mistake when it comes to my job as an artist is drawing for myself... or more accurately, drawing for my ego. A good example of this is YCHs. I had always been against the idea of doing YCH commissions because I felt it was lazy or some how lessened the uniqueness of the commission. I thought that by refusing to do YCHs, I would be a somehow more authentic artist... but what I wasn't thinking about was a commissioners wants or needs. If a commissioner is happy with their commission, that's what matters. It's their commission, not mine.

All of this is my way of saying I want to draw for you. I would like to reintroduce monthly commissions as well as limited YCHs and revitalize my Keyword Doodle project. Having experimented with workloads before, I feel like all of this would be manageable and still leave room for me to work on my personal projects, specifically, my character comic/illustrated stories. I've always been very passionate about my characters and have many story ideas and concepts around them that haven't been able to share... and I want to change that.


To be Continued

There's definitely more that I want to talk about but I think the other topics would do better in their own post. For the time being though, this sums up a good amount of everything that's going on. As Always, thanks for your support through out everything. Hopefully by the next post, I'll have my PC back up and running and a comfortable place to sleep!


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