The Year 2020...

Updated: Sep 26

Hello! I've had SO much I've wanted to say and have been struggling to figure out a good way of going about it... but I'll give it a shot.  I'm very sorry I haven't been able to put out a lot of artwork lately. This year has seriously taken its toll on me and I know it's it's probably affected many of you guys the same. So with that said, I can't tell you how appreciative I am of your guys support through these times and I want to be as transparent as I can with things. I also want to make sure that things that need to be said, get said...   [[Black Lives Matter & LGBT+ Pride]] Being both Black and LGBT+, I feel a responsibility to speak out against the injustice People of Color and the LGBT+ community have been dealt. We are living through a truly historic moment and it's important, now more than ever, that we do not remain silent and that we are heard. We have to unite to create a world that those ahead of us deserve and those whom we love and lost deserved.  With that said, I want to make my stance very clear. I stand with Black Lives Matter. I stand with LGBT+. I stand against discrimination of any persons because of their race, gender,or sexual orientation.  [[Inactivity]] As I mentioned previously, this year has taken a hefty toll on me and with it, my artistic drive. I want to give a brief summery of everything that's happened this year...   At the start of the year, I pushed to change a lot in my life. I changed my diet, exercise, and challenged myself to pursue my career in art. I was honestly, very successful with this tasks! I got my Patreon up and running, streamed artwork regularly, fixed up and improved my website, kicked energy drinks and soda out of my diet, lost 40 pounds, set up my business properly.... Well, eventually I hit a point of burnout, which was fine. I expected it to happen, almost intended to. I wanted to see what my limits were to better manage my time. I took a month off to sit down and restructure things... but the month  I came back to work again, COVID-19 broke out... Where I wanted to go into the month strong and refreshed, I found myself feeling drained and depressed. So after talking with my therapist, I decided to start taking an anti-depressant. While it's helped a lot with my depression, it took a fair amount of time to adjust to the med and I had noticed I had  lower energy. I tried to draw but it was hard to focus between being tired and feeling strange in the head... Just as I was adjusted to the med and starting to get back into working, I had seen the news of George Floyd and my stomach has been in knots since.. As much as I want to get back to drawing, it's so hard to when not only these current events but past traumas I've experienced regarding race have been constantly in my mind. While it's been exhausting, I'm still determined to draw and produce content for you guys. I just hope you can understand and forgive me for being quiet for so long.  [[The Future of my Patreon]] With everything going on and my inactivity, it's clear that I need to change up how I go about Patreon. I still want to provide regular intervals of content but I also need to make sure that extra content doesn't require such a high level  constant energy or focus to maintain. What this means is, I'll be looking at the various perks to either remove or change and restructure my reward tiers. Don't worry though, before any changes happen, I will be sure to alert you of the changes before hand. With that said, if there's any particular features you like or want to see, please let me know! The biggest problem I ran into when I originally planed out how to go about my art business is the fact I didn't take into consideration my other hobbies and interests. If I had done nothing but artwork, I feel I could have handled the load I gave myself just fine... but I don't. I also do music, streaming, web design, gaming, and a bit of story writing. I feel that by incorporating all of my hobbies into my brand, I will be able to better manage my time among all of my hobbies.  My goal with any changes I make is to provide content to you guys without running myself into the ground. Even if I burn out with one particular hobby, I'll still be able to provide supporters content regardless.  [[Thank you!]] Once again, thank you guys so much for your support and your patience with everything. You guys give me the strength to keep doing what I do, regardless of how many times I fail or fall down. I hope to return that kindness to you and want you to know that you're appreciated for you who are. I'm truly grateful to know you guys and have your support! 


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