Luthor Industries Responds to Exploding Toonphone

After the release of the new Toonphone, many consumers were surprised when their Toonphones literally exploded in their face. Upon opening an app called 'TNT', the Toonphone would begin to play a lit-fuse sound effect before exploding a short number of seconds afterwards. Concerned, consumers reached out to Luthor Industries CEO, Alaxander Luthor, for answers.

"Understandably, a phone exploding may sound tragic to those outside of the toon community but to us toons, explosions are just a part of life. When we're not getting blown up, we're getting hit by anvils, pianos, pies, and that's just a few examples of what we go through. This is why we developed the TNT app. With the Toonphone, a toon is never without an explosion. They are supposed to explode, it's a feature."

While most toons were satisfied with Luthor's response and praising him for his boldness of creating such a haphazard product, many non-toons were very much displeased. 


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