Drunk Squirrel Rampages Bar

After a bar tender refused to give an unknown squirrel a bendy straw, the squirrel began shouting angrily at him and causing a scene. When we asked the bar tender what happened, Morris claimed that he hadn't done or said anything to provoke the squirrel.

He didn't seem like trouble when he came in. When he asked for a bendy straw, I thought he was just joking around... so I told him we were fresh out. Just like that, he snapped. He kicks over a stool, starts screaming about how cruel I was. I think he mentioned something about girly squirrely scout cookies. Before anyone had a chance to grab him, he was already out the door. Squirrel was nuts I tell ya.

The squirrel hasn't been seen since but authorities are still on the look out for this potentially dangerous squirrel.


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