Pie Store Closes

Tired of customers using their pies for laughs, Happy's Pies and Confections closes it's doors despite many of the local resident's complaints. According to the owner of the story, Lora Fischer, while she loved how much business she was receiving, the amount of work that was added because of pies being thrown all over was not worth the pay. The mink responded to us saying...

I get that the cartoon industry needs pies but they also need janitors; especially if they're going to make a mess of my shop. While it's a surprise to some, there are actually people who enjoy eating pie and I'd rather that then seeing my pies all over the face of my customers...

Curious what the locals though, we asked around and got a response from a local skunk who wished to remain anonymous.

Lora's just upset she keeps losing our bet. I promised if she could hit me once, I'd clean up the pies but she refuses to loosen up and have fun. Besides, it's not like I'm wasting any pie; it's going to good use. Not only does it do wonders for your fur and put smiles on people's faces, I'm making sure none of her stock goes bad.

Upon questioning Lora further on this skunk's comments, she quickly claimed she didn't know him and would personally deliver a pie to the skunk.


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