Moon Made of Cheese

New discovery suggests that the moon could actually be made of cheese. Dr. Gerald, a rat from the Metropolis area announced and exciting discovery this week claim that he had gone to the moon. We interviewed Dr. Gerald who said the following...

After years of hypotheses and hard work, I've done it! I've gone to the moon and confirmed that it is in fact, cheese! Hah! Who knew the old stories got it right? The cheese wasn't particularly tasty though, I'll admit. It tasted similar to the powdered cheese you'd find in a bag of Cheesos. If all goes well, I'll be able to have further information and poof on weather or not the moons molten core is actually cheese as well.

While many doubt this rat's discovery claiming there was no way he could have possibly gone to the moon let alone tasted the moon in space, Dr. Gerald continues on with his research in hopes of being the first to establish to a cheese mining facility on the moon.


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