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Commission: Colored Sketch

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Sketches that have color but lack any shading. Optionally, monochrome sketches use varying degrees of saturation in the color of your choice to create tonal effects that add depth to a simple sketch.

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Terms of Service

1.) I Have the Right to Refuse Service
If I refuse or decline a commission, I will not accept any payments beyond that point and I will refund any initial payments made.

2.) I Retain All Rights to the Commission
I have the right to post or not to post the image to my galleries. If you wish to remain anonymous, the option is available. I do not retain or gain rights to your character.

3.) Finished Art can be Reposted as Long as Credit is Given
You are free to repost your commissioned artwork anywhere you wish as long as you give credit to the artist. A link to the original piece or the artist's gallery is appreciated but not mandatory.

4.) Finished Artwork is for Personal Use Only
You are not to reproduce or use any commissioned works for profit. If you wish to do so, this can be discussed.
5.) You Must be 18 Years or Older If you request a commission from me, I ask that you be 18 years or older. [Updated 1/13/2020]

Commission Guide

Step 1: Chose Your Commission Type When purchasing a commission, simply select the commission type you're interested in from the store. The commission type will be marked as 'Sold Out' if no slots are currently availble. Step 2: Customizing Your Commission Once you've selected your commission type, you'll will be shown multiple examples as well as a brief description of that commission type. Simply select what options you would like to have for your commission and fill out the commission form to the best of your ability. Don't worry about describing your commission here, I will ask for that later to keep your commission information private. Step 3: Checkout Before entering your payment information, look over your commission details and remember to add your coupon if you have one. *By supporting me on Patreon, you can get a monthly, one time use, 25% discount on all store items! Step 4: Contact Once you've completed the form and paid for your commission, you'll recieve an email confirming your order. Once I am able to work on your commission, I will send you an email asking for further information including the details and description of your commission and alternative or prefered ways of contact. Step 5: Work In Progress to Completion After we've discussed the commission, I will send you a work in progress via your prefered choice of contact for inspection. Once I've recieved your approval, I will work to finish your commission and send you the final product. If for some reason I am unable to complete your commission with in a month or cancle the commission myself, I will offer to refund the cost of your commission.

Drawing Preferences

My Drawing Style If you're not familiar with my style already, I'm a furry artist who draws a lot of heavily stylized cartoons. Most of my drawings feature characters with bright expressions, big cartoony paws, and cartoon-esque proportions. What I Will Draw I enjoy working with a variety of different themes though I tend to focus more on cartoon-esque, fantasy, formal, or sci-fy themed pieces. I also enjoy drawing scenary, various outfits, and armors. When it comes to the species of characters I draw, I tend to draw woodland creatures the most. What I Won't Draw Considering I'm primarily a cartoonist, I am not as adept as I'd like to be at drawing realistic creatures or humans. I also am opposed to drawing anything that is derogatory or depicts acts of harm against another preson. Mature Themes While it's not often, a portion of art that I draw contains more mature or adult themes such as matters of sexuality, AB/DL or Baby/Diaperfur content, and themes regarding BDSM. While I'm an open minded artist and am willing to work with these subjects, I will not draw themes that involve excessive gore, abuse of another character, non-consentual art, 'cub' art, or other 'extreme' fetishs. If you have any questions or would like me to clarify something for you, please feel free to ask me.