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Super Patron Commission Slot

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NOTICE: This form is for Super Patron supporters!

Start by selecting the Options that apply to your commission. Then provide a link to your Reference material, a Description of your commission, and optionally, your FA/Twitter Name. The latter is optional and is only used to link to your accounts when posting finished commissions. You'll also need to choose which platform you support me on and provide the email used on the selected platform. Once this is complete, proceed to Checkout.

Your commission request will be added to a waiting list before being accepted. Once your request has been accepted, I will contact you via email and provide an invoice for your commission. When payment has been received, I'll begin work on the commission, providing a WIP sketch for you to inspect before completion. If I'm unable to accept your commission request within two weeks, complete your commission with in a month, or cancel the commission myself, I will contact you and offer to refund the cost of your commission.

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