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"Really? So tomorrow is good then?"

"I do have a meeting but I should be wrapped up in time."

"That works perfectly! I'm really looking forward to seeing you again. It's been far too long, Alex..."

After pressing the end call button on my cellphone, I jump from one foot the other, unable to contain my excitement! As a ferret, I've always had issues keeping my energy levels in check and would often work hard to avoid outbursts like this but today, I couldn't care less! I don't care if the next door apartment hears me or the apartment complex across the street does; after seventeen years, I, Thomas Luthor, am finally seeing my brother again!

Bouncing and dancing around my room, I got caught up in the moment and forgot that I was packing for my flight tomorrow and that my room floor was covered with my clothes and luggage. One wrong step sends a quick and painful reminder as I stub my toe and trip onto my bed with a loud *thud*!

"Gaaah!!! Damnit, th-that's just what I need; to break my foot. Serves me right for procrastinating packing, I suppose."

Taking a moment to collect my thoughts and calm myself before I flung myself out a window, I lay on my bed with the goofiest grin on my face thinking about my trip tomorrow. As a journalist for The Daily Dook, I get asked to travel for various stories and articles. By sheer luck, I got assigned to interview a musician who not only originates from my hometown Birchwood, but currently resides in Metropolis where my brother Alex moved to twelve years ago.

I have always wanted to visit my brother but after the things that happened between us and how far apart we live now, part of me felt that Alex was happier or better off not seeing me; that he didn't want to see me. To be honest, I didn't think he would have agreed to meet up.

With a push, I hop off my bed and back onto the floor with my belongings so I can finish packing and preparing for my flight tomorrow. As nerve wrecking as it is, I can't wait for tomorrow. Sure, Alex may never forgive me for what happened back then but maybe there's a chance that things between us can be patched up. If there is, I have to see this through not only for myself, but for him as well...