It all began on the continent of Kretaes with an event known as The Convergence. The Convergence is known as the moment light and darkness collided, sentience met non-sentience, and the arcane merged with the natural. In this moment, life was split into two primary groups; the Sentient and the Shadows.

The Sentient woodland creatures gained knowledge and understanding, choosing to join together to form the Four Kingdoms and protect all under it's influence. The Shadows were gifted with the arcane, inheriting mysterious energies that made them stronger and more resistant to death. In rare cases, Sentient creatures could also be gifted with the arcane in what was known as an Affinity, an arcane ability unique to it's user. Alternatively, a Shadow creature could gain knowledge and understanding equal to that of a Sentient creature while still retaining their connection to the arcane. Through out history, these creatures have been referred to as Berserkers.

The Convergence

The Four Kingdoms


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