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Luthor was almost getting used to his new life as a lone wanderer, traveling the kingdom of RedCrest with little more than the sword on his back. While the ferret took solace in knowing he could use his skills and abilities to help those he encountered, he couldn't escape the anguish of his past. It had been almost a month since he fled Northshade after the king's assassination, but it only felt like days to him..
One evening while resting at a tavern in the town of Drymeadow, Luthor met a particularly friendly squirrel named Chestnut who was in need of help. Separated from his lover and unable to travel the dangerous roads alone, he pleaded for Luthor to escort him to Northshade where his love resided. While Luthor was reluctant at first, a mouse seated nearby was happy to encourage him to help. After introducing himself and buying drinks for both Luthor and Chestnut, Zen professed that he too was looking for safe passage to Northshade. After a few rounds of mead, Luthor reluctantly agreed to escort the two on their way to Northshade.

As they carried on into the night, Luthor found that while he enjoyed their company, he felt a growing sense of dread. The roads between the Kingdoms were dangerous with Shadows and returning to Northshade was almost more dangerous after everything that happened there.

The more he thought about it, the more Luthor was terrified of the events that took place in Northshade haunting him and his new friends discovering the truth of who he really was...